Every student under the age of 16 must complete an Intro to Ninja Class prior to attending the first session.


Introduction to Ninja Class is required for everyone under the age of 16 BEFORE signing up for a class or open gym (intro class offered on Saturdays). Our intro class ensures all members understand the safety rules and fundamentals of ninja obstacles so all ninjas can have fun and improve strength, agility and balance. 

All ninja classes are age-based to ensure appropriate obstacles for all of our students. Our coaches provide a fun and safe environment to build a strong foundation to set our students up for success! We teach students how to traverse a variety of obstacles and how to safely and correctly navigate them. We also teach what to do when they cannot complete the obstacle.

  • Parents n Tots: 2-4 years old

  • Mini: 5-6 years old

  • Youth: 7-9 years old

  • Junior: 10-12 years old

  • Teens: 13-17 years old

  • Homeschools ninjas: 5-17 years old

  • Ninja Strength: 18 years +



Check out the schedule for class times.

4:00 PM - 5:00

Open Gym


Open gym is a time to train on your own or collaborate with other members! Although we encourage everyone to enjoy open gym time, safety for our members is top priority! 


·       We view open gym as a privilege; one that can be taken away if guidelines are not followed.  In order to obtain open gym privileges, members must complete the following steps:

1.    Attend at least 10 classes (if under the age of 13).

2.    Maintain a monthly membership attending at least one class per week (if under the age of 13).

3.    Have coach’s permission (if under the age of 13).

4.    No one under the age of 6 is permitted in open gym at any time.

5.    If under the age of 13, members MUST be accompanied by an adult who understands the safety rules AND has a liability waiver on file.


·     No food or drink allowed on the floor at any time, except bottled water. If you or your child wants a snack, please go to the lobby.

·     Open gym is NOT a “drop and go” (see rules 4 and 5).

·     No horse play or tag during open gym.

·     No profanity.

·     Respect the obstacles that others are using.

·     Respect others space.

·     Be aware of your surroundings at all time (example: check your surroundings before lache).

·     We follow a 3 strike rule: If you are not following open gym rules, you will earn a strike. If/when you reach 3 strikes, you will be asked to leave and not come back to open gym for one month. This will be documented on paper and in your electronic membership file.



Team Ninja Playground started in 2018 and our competitors are both male and female, ranging in age from 8- 47 (but you can be older). With coaching from a real American Ninja Warrior, the team takes regular training to a higher, more intense level than regular classes. 

Cannon Meyer pushes his team with not only endurance and strength, but agility and focus as well. He teaches proper technique in obstacles and also puts special emphasis on a positive mindset. He believes that without the right mindset, athletes will not be able to improve and push past exhaustion, sore muscles and just plain falling down! Together, the team supports each other with encouragement, determination and the right attitude.

Team NP competes in the Colorado Ninja League (CNL) and the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) in Wyoming and Colorado. 

If you think you have what it takes to compete on Team NP, contact us today! The prerequisite for Team NP is a minimum of 3 months of classes and tryouts with the coach or special permission!